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SADISTIC INTENT / PENTACLE „Invocations of the Death-ridden“ Split MLP

Two Death Metal veterans sharing one 12’inch. SADISTIC INTENT’s side includes brandnew headsplitting high quality recordings with songs that will crucify all disbelievers, PENTACLE’s side contains the missing vinyl songs from their last deathly recording session. Planned for years, finally out!

Attention: Both SADISTIC INTENT and PENTACLE will be on European Tour in November / December!

CLEAR VINYL (lim. 100… NOT in the Webshop!) €20,00

KAM LEE (ex- DEATH/ MASSACRE) “Reclamation of the Fallen” 7″EP 

The very first release of a new band: „KAM LEE“. Kam Lee is known as one of the true pioneers and Tyrants of Death Metal!
He is the legendary vocalist of MASSACRE and one of the founding members of MANTAS / DEATH. This 7“inch EP includes 4 songs!!! Limited edition. Buy or die in hell!

EURYNOMOS „The Trilogy (Singles)" CD

Compliation of the Vinyl EP trilogy (these Eps will not be re-pressed!).
Three 7“Eps with a playing time of 13 minutes/each plus an extra track with „Gone Down in Flames“, all compiled on one album. 
Includes a 20 page booklet with lyrics, photos, etc. 10 songs of Powerful authentic dark and heavy riff Metal that honours the pioneers of the extreme Metal genres.


Debut album of VENUS TORMENT, the band of RIPPER’s vocalist/ axeman Patricio Spalinger. Total lethal Death/Thrash Metal from Chile’s glorious underground, with fast riffing and deadly riffs, reminding of RIPPER, old KREATOR, SEPULTURA, etc

BRANDNEW studio album from the South American Death Metal patriarchs MORTEM! High quality evil n’ daemonic hymns with possessed vocals and total tremolo solo attack. One of the last pure Death Metal bands in the old style à la POSSESSED, early MORBID ANGEL, SLAYER, old DEATH, etc

P.O. Box 1462 
56804 Cochem / Mosel 

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