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reveal all details about new album "Pathetic Divinity"

After the release of the free digital single "Altered Divination" on June 3rd, legendary Death Metal veterans MERCYLESS are now revealing further details about their new, sixth, studio full-length, "Pathetic Divinity".
This new effort is set for an October 7th release and marks the second step of the band's 30th anniversary celebrations, which started one month ago and will last throughout the end of 2016 and the whole of 2017.

The album, produced by Philippe Reinhalter at the Psykron Studio (PUTRID OFFAL, DIVISION ALPHA...) and mastered by Frédéric Motte at the Conkrete Studio (ANATA remasters, OTARGOS, PUTRID OFFAL...), will be available for pre-orders on August 29th, 2016 on the following physical supports:
  • CD:
    • DIGI CD: 1000 copies limited edition first print three panels Deluxe DigiSleeve CD with matte lamination featuring three bonus tracks,
    • BOXSET (exclusive to the artist and label): 100 hand-numbered copies collector Deluxe Boxset with exclusive alternative artwork coming with the above DigiSleeve CD, a 36x24cms poster, a 12x12cms autographed band picture, a 12x12cms vinyl sticker, a silkscreened 12x12cms patch and a guitar pick
  • VINYL:
    • 300 hand-numbered copies limited edition Deluxe red and black gatefold 12" vinyl LP
    • 50 copies (exclusive to the band and label) of the above coming with a 36x24cms autographed poster,
    • 100 collector copies cassette tapes,
  • And, last but not least, 3 ultra collector bundles with the above Boxset CD, gatefold marbled vinyl with poster, cassette tape, t-shirt / girlie and an autographed test pressing copy of the album!
The album will obviously also be available as digital download and streaming and the release accompanied with a new line of textile merchandising including t-shirts, girlies, male and female tank tops and sweat-shirts.
MERCYLESS are currently working on European tours to celebrate both the album and their 30th anniversary so expect them to bring the unholy Metal ov Death on a stage near you in the near future!


  1. Blood of Lambs
  2. Pathetic Divinity
  3. A Representation of Darkness
  4. My Name Is Legion
  5. Exhort the Heretic
  6. Left to Rot
  7. Eucharistic Adoration
  8. Christianist
  9. How Deep Is Your Hate?
  10. Liturgiæ
  11. Bless Me Father [2015 version] *
  12. Probably Impure [2015 version] *
  13. Eucharistic Adoration [2015 version] *
  14. * CD first print bonus tracks taken from the 2015 split vinyl with CRUSHER
  15. Total running time: 33:53 [LP] / 45:34 [CD with bonus tracks]
  • Total running time: 10:00


  • 2016 – “Pathetic Divinity”
  • 2016 – “Altered Divination” (single)
  • 2015 – “Live Offerings” (official bootleg)
  • 2015 – “Blast from the Past” (split EP w/ Crusher)
  • 2013 – “Unholy Black Splendor”
  • 2012 – “Vision from the Past – Live 1989” (official bootleg)
  • 2011 – “In Memory of Agrazabeth” (compilation)
  • 2000 – “Sure to Be Pure”
  • 1996 – “C.O.L.D.”
  • 1993 – “Coloured Funeral”
  • 1991 – “Abject Offerings”
  • 1990 – “Vomiting Nausea” (EP)


  • Max Otero – guitars & vocals
  • Gautier Merklen – guitars
  • Matthieu Merklen – bass
  • Laurent Michalak – drums


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