Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2016

EYEXIST: New band featuring Gorelust & Kataklysm members!

EYEXIST Releases first video!

The band, round up by (ex-GORELUST) singer Jean Beaulieu, Guitarist Francis Bouillon and session drummer / bassist / current KATAKLYSM member Olivier Beaudoin, is slowly gearing up to release its first album THE DIGITAL HOLOCAUST through PRC MUSIC (worldwide) in the Fall.

EYEXIST describes his music as Avant-garde Death Metal while keeping everything very, very heavy, in your face and brutal in its very own way. Here is what label owner Rémi Coté had to say about the whole project:

"Not sure how to actually describe EYEXIST's sound, but its musically original with some over the top drums arrangements and orchestrations and uber thick heavy guitars! The icing on the cake, in my humble opinion, is the amazing vocals delivery from one of the very best Death Metal singer coming out from Québec, ever! So yeah, we're happy to be working once again with Jean and his new project... all I can add is get this when it comes out!"

Judge it for yourself right here, right now by checking out "Chronicles Of Survival", the first promo video:

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